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Bringing Your Wellness Retreat to Life at Muskoka Soul

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This one’s for you.

This one’s for all the times you wanted to put you first, but didn’t. It’s for those moments you thought “I’m too _____” or “I’m not _____ enough to _____” and all your spirit heard was “I’m not enough.”

This one’s for the end of an era- one where women chased an elusive dream of having it all, only to fall into bed at night exhausted and disappointed by too many of the day’s boxes left unchecked. Always more to do. Always more to be.

If you’ve ever felt left behind in your own race, then this one’s for you. Imagine waking up in your clean, cozy bedroom. Mornings begin with a personalized meditation practice out on the dock with gentle waves as your soundtrack, or in a spacious living room as warm sunlight streams in. Large windows blur the threshold between indoor and natural outdoor spaces.

The rest of the day follows with activities and workshops centered around upgrading your life, from yoga practices and guided journaling sessions to recipe testing and simple yet sustainable lifestyle changes to take home with you. You are surrounded by women just like you looking to make similar changes in their own lives. You feel confident and empowered.

Wellness and yoga retreats alike were born as it became more and more evident that the have it all lifestyle doesn’t allow for a woman to put herself at the top of a list she wouldn’t otherwise have even been on. Having it all doesn’t allow time in the day for sorting through the gobs of information being thrown at us, let alone time for giving each new wellness trend a try to figure out which one works best for our unique mind, body, and lifestyle.

While wellness and yoga retreats can cater to both men and women of all ages, they are most sought after by women who feel burnt out, stuck, and need to recharge. Jackie Mirkopoulos, with Evolve Holistic, uses the analogy of upgrading our devices: “Why don’t we treat ourselves the way we treat our phones or computers? We, too, need to reboot periodically in order to thrive.” She describes her retreats as an opportunity for clients to unplug, so that when they return to their daily lives they can plug back in to a clearer headspace with upgraded habits.


So why do people seek out wellness retreats as their chance to recharge rather than simply taking a vacation? Mirkopoulos emphasizes the educational component of retreats, and how this differs from the standard bombarding of information in our daily lives. Although this constant access to knowledge can be a useful tool, it often pigeonholes us into following trends just because we see others following them. Ultimately, she says, “this can disconnect us from what our bodies intuitively need and want.”Muskoka upcoming yoga retreats, cycling in muskoka on the womens; yoga and cycling retreat at Muskoka Soul on Lake Muskoka


Retreating is all about connecting- with ourselves, with the natural world, and with others. As Paige Royal of Pura Vida Performance explains, “People are looking for experiences. Yoga and Wellness retreats are all about women taking the time away for themselves to do something they love with like-minded women.” The retreat environment allows women to connect with a wellness leader who has already done the hard work of “figuring it out”. This isn’t to say that the women leading these retreats aren’t still learning and growing every day, but it does put them in a unique position to offer practical advice to those who are just beginning their wellness journey. The experiences and connections made during a retreat can be incredibly transformational, and there is no better marketing for a wellness brand than the walking billboard of a woman who has just discovered her newfound passion, confidence, or purpose at your retreat.



But how do you even begin to plan a retreat? The best-case scenario is finding a location that makes your job easier from an operational perspective. This includes finding a property with many bedrooms of similar sizes, which allows you to host a larger group while preventing the headache that accompanies figuring out how to price rooms differently. Your ideal retreat location also comes equipped with a beautiful, updated kitchen for holistic nutrition workshops and a spacious, well-lit living room for your entire group to gather for yoga, meditation, massages, and more. The property should be clean and inviting, and its owners should be organized, proactive, and pleasant to work with.

Nikki Bergen, creator of The Belle Method and Elevate Retreats, echoes this wish list, commenting that “Muskoka Soul has the perfect setup for hosting a group retreat. From the fully stocked and labelled kitchen with two fridges and two dishwashers, to the beds that can all be made into singles, to the gorgeous decor and stunning views – people feel instantly at home there, and that is a very important factor!” We agree, Nikki! In fact, both Muskoka Soul properties were specifically designed with group comfort in mind.

Although that’s a long list of priorities to look for in a retreat location, we’ve received countless reviews confirming that Muskoka Soul is your destination for all of this and more. Just ask the three incredible wellness leaders above who have found Muskoka Soul to be the perfect gathering spot for their clients to unplug and reconnect with themselves, nature, and others. We are confident that one of our Muskoka Soul properties will be able to elevate the guest experience at your next retreat just as it has for them.



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