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Recipe for unforgettable Muskoka family retreats

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Recipe for unforgettable Muskoka family retreats

We could all use a little more time to spend with the people we love. After all the hours spent working, driving, waiting, cleaning, cooking, worrying, planning… we crave more time to simply breathe, smile, laugh, and connect. More time to live without having to worry about the time. And more time to love the people who mean the most to us. Make time for family retreats.

Maybe your family is growing, and you’re looking to gather everyone together to celebrate this exciting new chapter. Maybe your family has recently lost a loved one, and you want to create space for uniting during a difficult time. Or maybe you just feel stuck, and it’s time to switch up the routine to reset your family dynamic. Whether you see your loved ones all the time or it feels like you haven’t seen them in ages, there’s something truly special about coming together for a family retreat in Muskoka

There are three things in particular to make your retreat unforgettable.

Disrupting your routine.

Swimmin in Muskoka is one of the best activities from your luxury cottage rental on Lake Muskoka. Deep water for boating and swimming.The best way to “create” more time is to disrupt the way you currently spend it. Ever notice how time passes differently when you’re away on vacation? When we step away from the constant  stimulation of our everyday lives, we are no longer slaves to the emails, deadlines, to-do lists, and obligations that battle for our attention.

Start by stepping away from the screens and take a breather from the influx of headlines, status updates and Instagram photos that monopolize our brains. Want more time to connect with your favorite people? Start by strategically stepping away from all the noise as this is where the magic happens.



Now that the screens are gone, notifications are off, and the to-do list is put on hold, you can take a breath – literally. At Lake Muskoka, you’ll find yourself soaking up the crisp, fresh air.  It’s the perfect environment to re-engage. Suddenly, the tasks that seem urgent in the middle of our daily life become inconsequential during a day spent relaxing, exploring, celebrating, and connecting with friends and family.




Create the space.Muskoka in Fishing andPike Fishing Muskoka Activities

While Muskoka provides the ideal atmosphere for inspiration, growth, and connection, the spaces  created at Muskoka Soul were designed for the guest experience and provide a gorgeous physical space customized for your multi-generational family needs.





On a family retreat make smores on a cottage getaway that is nothing better than the laughter or family fun in canada

Both properties are large and inviting with thoughtful layouts and beautifully appointed. From large decks overlooking Lake Muskoka to relaxing library nooks – every detail was carefully thought out. The bedrooms are super clean and cozy with either two twin beds or king size bed so that couples can cuddle or individuals can have their own space. Choose to enjoy meals prepared by a local chef or cook your own favorite family recipes in the large, gourmet kitchen. The open concept floor plan at both Muskoka Soul locations was specifically designed with large groups in mind so that nothing has to be compromised among individual relaxation, family connection, and the kids’ play time.

Creating the perfect space to bring your family all together is a breeze at Muskoka Soul.

smores is the iconic muskoka treat. you can't beat and evening under the stars looking out over lake muskoka from muskoka soul luxury cottage rentals


With a multitude of four season area offerings there is no shortage of activities for every member of your party be it, boat cruises, museums, artisan galleries, brewery/winery tours and hiking trails not to mention time spent, swimming, fishing and around the campfire.




Experience the wonder of a winter escape from one of our two luxury vacation rental cottages on Lake Muskoka in Gravenhurst Ontation Canada


Bringing it home

Successfully carving out time to nurture our bonds with family and close friends fills us up with positive energy that becomes infused in the way we operate. It is more than a welcome break from the noise of everyday life and an important reminder of what it feels like to be a human being rather than a human doing. When your incredible family retreat at Muskoka Soul comes to a close, you can look forward to leaving and living a little lighter than you came, and going back into the world energized, connected, and full of love.




Writer | @claireollila Claire Ollila

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