yoga dockside for your retreat at Muskoka Soul extraordinary escapes is part of your wellness retreat
04 Sep

Bringing Your Wellness Retreat to Life at Muskoka Soul

This one’s for you. This one’s for all the times you wanted to put you first, but didn’t. It’s for those moments you thought “I’m too _____” or “I’m not _____ enough to _____” and all your spirit heard was “I’m not enough.” This one’s for the end of an era- one where women chased […]

Gather your family of all generations for a vacation to built long lasting memories
20 Aug

Recipe for unforgettable Muskoka family retreats

muskoka family retreat and family fun canada .. Recipe for unforgettable Muskoka family retreats We could all use a little more time to spend with the people we love. After all the hours spent working, driving, waiting, cleaning, cooking, worrying, planning… we crave more time to simply breathe, smile, laugh, and connect. More time to […]

Gather in the grandeur of the Great Room with southern light in a luxury cottage rental
16 May

Award Winning Muskoka

As seen in Blog Muskoka, Muskoka is a well-recognized world destination and known as a place that can change your life. It is no surprise that Muskoka is on the list for National Geographic’s – 50 Places of a Lifetime, where Canadian travel writer Liz Beatty shares her experience, connecting readers with the wonders of […]