Rental terms and house rules / policies

General reservation and booking process

A deposit equivalent to 40% of the estimated total rental fee is payable immediately to make a reservation  Generally, this deposit is provided as funds sent through Interac e-Transfer or held on a credit card, although cheques (once cleared) are also acceptable.  In the meantime, we will provide a rental agreement to the renter listing all the terms and conditions of rental as well as an estimate of the full rental fee.  Once we receive the deposit and a signed rental contract, the reservation is confirmed.

Six weeks before the rental period begins, we must receive a full and final payment of the estimated rental fee.  Failure to provide the complete payment may result in loss of the reservation guarantee.


Security deposit, damage and theft

Sadly, a few, isolated incidents have taught us that we need to hold a security deposit in case of damage, breakage or theft.  Two days before the rental period begins, we will take a security deposit of up to $2,000 as funds held on a credit card.   After a guest stay, a full review of the property takes place, including an inventory of linens, and kitchen and bathroom items. If any issues arise, such as breakage, theft or damage beyond normal wear and tear, the guest will be notified within two or three days of their stay, and funds from the security deposit will be used towards the cost of replacement or repair; any remaining funds will then be returned to the renter.  If there is no damage to the property, the funds from the security deposit will be released promptly.

If damage to property occurs for the listed items as automatic charge will be applied to the security deposit retained for a guest stay. Pictures are taken on checkout and recorded. See samples of damage to property.


Arrival time

Your rental period begins at 4 PM on the first day of your rental.  Please plan to arrive at or after that time.

We make every effort to have your accommodations ready at 4 PM.  However—especially during the high season—there are occasional delays that arise from cleaning the property if previous guests leave the same day.  In these rare cases, we appreciate your patience and suggest that you have alternate plans available between 4 and 4:30 PM.

As booking are back-back, we need the minimum of 6 hours between groups to prepare 19/21 space in 3200/3600 sqft. Two to three suppliers will come out to the property as we do not have onsite staff and work with preferred suppliers for services. Even if the day of your arrival shows available, the property many be used by a local charity earlier in the day.

Should you wish to arrive earlier or stay longer, we have reduced the rate in low season for the added day/ night.



The guest [guests] who signs [sign] the rental agreement will be provided with the security system and door access codes. For security purposes, we change these codes with each rental. Guests enjoy Keyless entry and can entry the property after 4PM when the security system is activated for entry. No earlier arrival is permitted and the security system will sound if entry is before 4PM.


Departure time

During the high- and mid-season, departure time is 10 AM on the last day of your rental period.  Because we have new guests arriving later that day and the property must be cleaned, we cannot accommodate late departures.  If guests leave late, and, as a result, the subsequent guests are not able to enter the property on time, a fee equivalent to a day’s rental will be charged to the departing guests. During low season pending our suppliers schedule we will work with guests to offer a later departure of 11 AM.

As noted above, we need the minimum of 6 hours between groups to prepare 21 spaces in 3600 sqft.

Maximum Occupancy

The maximum overnight (sleeping) is twelve persons at Cliff Bay and include only those guests listed on the guest agreement. Anyone over the age of three years is considered an occupant. As per Short-Term rental regulations no more than two people per bedroom. We do not support overcrowding and follow fire safety regulations of no obstructions on the floor of bedrooms.  As per Short-Term rental regulations no more than two people per bedroom. We do not support overcrowding and follow fire safety regulations of no obstructions on the floor of bedrooms. We do not permit guests to bring in portable rollaway beds or inflatable mattresses.


Minimum age requirement

The primary renter of the property must be at least 28 years of age. Soul Management Group Inc. reserves the right to refuse rental to groups because of the ages of the renters.  We may ask for proof of age.


Guest visitors and events

Guest visitors during the day are welcome, up to and not exceeding a total of fifteen people. Out of respect to neighbouring properties, we request guest visitors leave by 11:00 PM. House parties are not permitted. Arrangements can be made for group events which can include special events, weddings, rehearsal dinners, birthday celebrations, and corporate receptions. Use of the property as a event venue is subject to advance notice and approval. An added event fee will apply and is dependent on the number people. An addendum to the guest contract will be provided. If alcohol is being served or live music are part of event, guests MUST secure applicable insurance. Group events are considered greater than the maximum occupancy and cannot exceed 50 people.



Our housekeeping staff works diligently to prepare Muskoka Soul for your arrival.  Daily housekeeping is not included in the standard rental packages,  but it can be arranged for a fee.

White 400 count Bed linens and towel bath towel sets are provided for each person staying. Linens are rented on behave of our guests and will be counted and checked for staining after a guest departure. Care and consideration of the white towels is expected and not used to clean items and make-up removal. Please ask for our linen services list if you require additional items (pillows, towels, etc.).

In the case of excessive cleaning requirements (greater than six hours) after a guest stay, a deduction will be made from the security deposit. Factors that increase cleaning time include unprocessed garbage/ recycle, food left behind in the fridges or cabinets, dishes not loaded and started in the dishwashers, bedding, pillows, throws moved from their room of origin  and moved furnishing. We encourage guests to not move furnishing during your stay.  Moving large furnishing is not permitted as we have incurred damage to doorways and walls, Muskoka Caretakers can be secured at a trip minimum rate of $200 / trip.  If small furnishings have been moved and not returned to their original position, guests will need to pay for property maintenance. The fee for excess cleaning is a set rate of $200 as added staff will need to be secured last minute to ensure the property is ready for the next guest arrival. If a guest departs later than 10AM this fee will automatically be applied as the required cleaning will not be possible with reduced hours between guest groups. Required time is 6 Hours – 10AM departure and 4PM arrival. This fee is non negotiable and will be taken from the security deposit for guest stays. Time codes will be retained and accessed through the house security system.


Cleaning Process

We work with local suppliers / family run area professional businesses for both our cleaning service and linen supply.

White 400 count Bed linens and towel bath towel sets are provided for each person staying. They are cleaned offsite at a professional laundry facility in hot water, Eco-friendly laundry soap and hot dryer. With a high supply level available linens are stored for a week after cleaning.

Cleaning products used on hard surfaces including stone counters, cabinetry, wooden table tops, floors, light switches and more are all Eco-friendly and at an industrial grade. With recent developments in the Covid 19 virus, we have worked with our supplier to step up cleaning service to add hot steam cleaning to all fabric surfaces, mattresses, pillows, sofas/ chairs. Cleaning gloves are used by the staff and reduced to a smaller team going on-site. Lastly for the month May & June we will stagger bookings and cleaning so that the house has not activity for a 18 hour period.

At Muskoka Soul guests have self access through access codes and no interaction with suppliers or house guides. This allows for complete privacy and reduces interaction in person.


Smoking and candles

Smoking is absolutely prohibited inside Muskoka Soul.  We take our smoking policy seriously and ask that guests do as well. Any evidence of smoking inside Muskoka Soul will result in an immediate charge of at least $250 to pay for  housekeeping and/or damages.

Smoking is permitted in the screened-in Muskoka Room and outside areas.  We ask that you kindly help us keep the property pristine by picking up cigarette butts, ash, cigars, and trash left outside and on the stone patio, path ways and decks.

Because of the potential for wax damage—and even fires!—we discourage the use of candles. Flameless pillar candles are available for your for your enjoyment.


Pet Stay Cleaning Fee

We love all pets. At Muskoka Soul, we permit 1 small dog pet stay.  Other animal types are not permitted. Should you wish to have your furry friend join you, a pet stay cleaning fee of $285 + hst will be added to your total. Please provide details on your dog type and size (weight). Approval will need to be included on your guest contract.

Prior to your arrival we will send you specific house rules pertaining to a pet stay. After your stay extra cleaning, including steam cleaning and filter changes will be performed. We want all guests to be sure that triggers such as pet danger and hair are not present for their stay. Additional cleaning staff  are hired along with equipment rental. Thank you for working with us on a smooth pet stay.


Parking and recreational vehicles

Muskoka Soul has parking for seven at Lake House and nine at Cliff Bay House vehicles—possibly more depending on the size of the vehicles, how they are parked, and the amount of snow in the driveway.  There are boat launches for watercraft such as powerboats or jet skis available at nearby marinas.  Muskoka Soul does not have the space to accommodate recreational vehicles, boats, trailers, jet skis, etc., and they are not allowed to be parked on the property.


Use of the outdoors

Muskoka Soul is situated among hills in beautiful, untouched Canadian woodland.  We encourage our guests to spend time outside and enjoy the many pleasures of the property.  However, because we wish to keep the property pristine for future guests, tents cannot be pitched or used unless erected by Soul Management; and, similarly, fire pits cannot be dug or used unless they have been installed by Soul Management.  If we discover damage to the property, or if we are required to remove equipment or firewood left after a guest stay, those guests will be charged the cost of repair and/or removal.


Septic system

The septic system is designed to accommodate the typical number of guests at Muskoka Soul, i.e., up to ten people spending the night.  If guests expect more people to use the system (for example, because of meetings, events or parties) we must be informed beforehand in order to prepare the system.

In addition, septic systems are very sensitive.  Please follow the posted notices regarding correct use and to avoid any damage to the system.



Keeping connected has become a key requirement of our guests. We have upgraded our system to accommodate the needs of our guests. We offer high speed wireless internet that is at a higher speed 10-25 Mbps (download speed) than many of the area rentals that offer internet through old technology DSL line / phone line – Bell & Rogers. We provide a 7GB per day maximum, after which we pass along the charge of $6 / GB + a $45 fee for associated administration/ accounting supplier services. 4GB / day is equal to many shared monthly plans.

It is not possible to know how much data is used during your stay as their is a reporting lag. Should data extend the total allotted for your stay, payment will be deducted from your security deposit and report provided. The process is as follow: After your stay our accounting supplier receiving a report; generates the invoice if applicable;  payment made through the security deposit.

Cliff Bay Internet Provider: Xplornet & Accessibe Service Type for the Area – P1P 1R1

Satellite 10

Fast speed for streaming, browsing and perfect for 2-3 users in the home

Up to 25 Mbps

Download Speed (up to)2


A/C Optional Service

Both of our lake front properties have ceiling fans in the bedrooms and the Great Room. The lake provides a cooling breeze.

In response to higher summer temperatures/humidity and at the request of past guests, we add Air Conditioning to The Lake House. Cliff Bay will have A/C as of July 14th. A/C is offered as a pay for use service based on a weekly fee to cover the high seasonal hydro rate and a portion of the installation cost. This has allowed us not to increase the weekly rate and only charge those that want or need A/C.

The weekly cost for A/C if booked prior to your stay will be a flat weekly rate. If you wish to have A/C, please let us know by 1 week prior to arrival and the cost will be added/charged prior to your stay and the A/C will be turned on for your arrival. If you decide you want to start the A/C option at some point during your stay – the cost will be daily for the remainder of your stay.


Unavailability of accommodation

In the very unlikely event your accommodation becomes unavailable because of unforeseeable circumstances beyond our control (for example, significant weather damage) we will provide a full refund of monies paid.  If such a situation arises, we will make every attempt to notify you immediately.

Condition of rental

Muskoka Soul is professionally maintained year-round.  In the unlikely event of a mechanical failure of some sort, we regret will we not be able to offer a refund or discount. However, as soon as we are notified of a problem, we will take every reasonable measure to have it fixed as quickly as possible and with a minimal disruption to your stay.


Standard rates are listed on this website.  Rates, fees and conditions are subject to change without notice