We love our hosting retreat leader events and feel so grateful they choose Muskoka Soul as their destination. Many have been co-hosting with us for years. Why not consider an upcoming retreat which are held in the spring, fall & winter.  You will find in these seasons  yoga/ wellness / creative / art / writing  / fitness / cycling 2-5 day programs on weekends and mid-week.

If you area a retreat leader, love to work with you. We believe in supporting our retreat leaders and do so in 3 ways to create buzz and promote your Brand.

  1. Co-Creating & posting events on our website
  2. Sharing events multiple times on our social media 3000+ combined followers
  3. Posting the event to Verity Women’s Club 850+ members club & e-mailing past guests requesting retreat dates

April 29 - May 4 | Evolve Holistic

October 19-21 | Wellness Retreat | Cliff Bay

October 19-21 | Healing Retreat | Lake House

May 4-6 | Grounded Studios | Yoga Retreat

May 11-13 | Yoga Retreat

June 1-4 | FitBox Studios

October 12-14 | Wellness Retreat

November 2-4 | Yoga Retreats

Nov 30-Dec 2 | Healing Retreat

June 10-13 | Wellness Retreat

April 20-22 | Yoga Retreat

yoga retreat and wellness retreat muskoka soul take you out to nature and beauty of the region