Rental terms and conditions

Reservation and booking process

Renters must complete and sign a rental agreement and provide the required deposit for reservation to be confirmed.

Deposits can be made through eTransfer or Credit Card. No Cheques.

Failure to provide balance of payments at scheduled times can result in loss of reservation.  A late fee will be charged for late payments.

Arrival /Departure times

On your arrival day, check-in is 4PM. Please arrive at or after that time.

Check-out time on departure day is 10AM.

During off season when we do not have back-to-back guests, we can sometimes be flexible but cannot confirm that in advance. If we can adjust your arrival/departure times we will only provide 24-48 hr notice.

If you wish to arrive earlier/stay longer in the mid/low season, we offer a reduced rate for an added day/night.

If a guest departs later than their check-out time and delays the cleaning team, that guest will be charged an additional fee against their security deposit.

During high season—there are occasional delays that arise when cleaning the property when previous guests leave the same day.  In these rare cases, we appreciate your patience.


The renter will be provided with the security system and door access codes only if all payments are made.

Guests can enter Cliff Bay through Keyless entry after 4PM when the security system allows. Unscheduled early arrival is not permitted, and the security system will sound if entry is before 4PM.

Security deposit, damage and theft

For every rental agreement a security deposit is required in case of damage, breakage or theft.

Two days before your arrival we will take a security deposit of up to $2,000.00 in funds held on your credit card.

After your stay, housekeeping will review the property including an inventory of linens, and kitchen and bathroom items.

If there are any issues with breakage, theft or damage beyond normal wear and tear, the guest will be notified within 2-3 days and funds will be deducted from the security deposit for the replacement or repair. Remaining funds will be returned to the renter.

If there is no damage or loss to the property, the security deposit will be released promptly.

Maximum occupancy

The overnight maximum (sleeping) is 12 persons and includes only those guests listed on the guest agreement. Anyone over the age of 2 years is considered a guest and included in the 12.

As per Short-Term rental regulations no more than two people per bedroom. We do not permit guests to bring in portable beds or inflatable mattresses.

Minimum age requirement

The primary renter of the property must be at least 28 years of age. We may ask for proof of age.

Soul Management Group Inc. reserves the right to refuse rental to any group.

Guest visitors and events

Guest visitors are welcome during the day, up to and not exceeding a total of fifteen people guests/visitors combined.

To respect neighbouring properties, we request guest visitors leave by 11:00 PM. House parties are not permitted.

Arrangements can be made for small group events such as small weddings, rehearsal dinners, birthdays, and corporate receptions through an addendum to your guest contract.

Use of the property as an event venue is subject to advance request/agreement and an event fee will apply based on the number of people. If there is live music and/or alcohol being served, guests MUST secure extra PAL insurance. Group events are considered greater than 15 and would never exceed 30 people.


Our housekeeping staff works diligently to prepare Cliff Bay for your arrival.

Additional mid-stay cleaning is not included in your booking, but it can be arranged for a fee subject to availability.

High quality, white cotton bed linens and 1 towel bath towel set is provided for each guest. Additional towels/linens can be arranged for a fee.

Linens are checked for staining after a guest departure.  Care and consideration of the linens and towels is expected, Permanent damage stains from make-up removal or otherwise will result in a charge against your deposit.

Included in your rental fee is 8 hours of cleaning for the turnover.

In the case of excessive cleaning requirements (8+ hrs.) guests will be charged 60. /hr. against their security deposit.

Factors that increase cleaning time include unmanaged garbage / recycling, food left behind, dishes not clean or in running dishwashers.

We encourage guests to not move furnishings around the house as it adds to cleaning time.  Moving large furniture is not permitted as you may cause damage.

Smoking and candles

Smoking is absolutely prohibited inside Cliff Bay.   Any evidence of smoking inside the house will result in a 250.00 charge against your deposit.

Smoking is permitted in the screened-in Muskoka Room and outside areas.  Please keep Never discard cigarette butts on the ground, pathways and decks.

Wax candles are NEVER allowed at Cliff Bay because of the fire hazard and potential for wax damage. Flameless LED candles are available for your enjoyment.

Pet stay cleaning fee

We love pets.

We will permit 1 small/medium non-shedding dog only if it is requested and in the agreement.

Cats are not permitted at Cliff Bay.

A dog stay cleaning fee for a small/medium dog of $125 + hst will be added to your total.

Please reach out to us if you wish to bring a dog. If approved we will send additional info/rules for your pet.

Parking and recreational vehicles

Cliff Bay has parking for a maximum of 9 vehicles in summer and 8 in winter.

Never park on the road or town property. It is against local bylaws.

Watercraft trailers are not to be kept on the property and must be left at the wharf or marina.

Guests agree they will be liable for any damage to the dock caused from contact with your watercraft.

Camp Fires

Campfires are allowed only when there is no fire ban.

Campfires must be attended at all times and extinguished before bed time.

Extinguish fires with water from tank at firepit.

Local laws prohibit daytime fires. Fires are permitted after dusk only (April-Nov).


Fireworks, firearms and archery are strictly forbidden at Muskoka Soul Cliff Bay

Garbage / Recycling

Garbage must be managed properly. Garbage + Recycling can never be mixed.

Recycling bins are in the pantry closet. Recycling can be mixed but must be free of food waste. Recycling must be put in clear bags provided.

Kitchen garbage bins with white bags are for garbage only. When full move to the roadside bear bin, put the flag up for Friday pick-up. Always consolidate 2+white bags into larger dark bags.

Garbage + recycling must be moved to the roadside bin by Friday 9AM for pick-up. Put the flag up to signal request for pick-up.

If you do not manage your garbage the town will not pick up and you will need to pay for it to be removed.

Septic system

The septic system is designed to accommodate 12 overnight guests at the property.  If you expect more people for meetings, events, etc. we must be informed beforehand.

Septic systems are sensitive.  It is important that nothing is flushed other than human waste and toilet paper. If you damage the system by flushing other items ie; baby/make-up wipes, hygiene products, cigarette butts, grease, the cost for damage will be the renters liability.

Never put grease or oil down the kitchen drain.

Unavailability of accommodation

In the event your accommodation becomes unavailable due to unforeseen circumstances beyond our control (i.e.: significant weather damage) we will provide a full refund of monies paid.  If this happens we will attempt to notify you ASAP.

Condition of rental

Cliff Bay is professionally maintained year-round.  In the unlikely event of an unfixable mechanical failure that we deem forces you to depart the property, we will offer you a prorated refund. If we deem you do not need to leave we not will not be obligated to offer a refund.  Ie dishwasher breakdown, etc.

Note: As soon as we are notified of a problem, we will take every reasonable measure to fix the problem ASAP with a minimal disruption to your stay.

STR licensing rules + complaints

Muskoka Soul Cliff Bay is a licensed Short-Term Rental with and regulated by the Town of Gravenhurst. As part of your agreement, you are required to sign and abide by the Gravenhurst Code of Conduct Agreement. If for any reason there is a complaint from a neighbour or Town of Gravenhurst due to the renter guest breaking that agreement terms or bylaws, we will charge the renter/guest for our time investigating and or managing the complaint and the guest also agrees to be liable for any cost caused to Soul Management Group Inc. for losses.


Standard rates are listed on this website.  Rates, fees and conditions are subject to change without notice