What are your getaway plans? In every season find a reason to visit and explore!

The Muskoka region is brimming with things to do year round. In fact, the region has even gotten the attention of National Geographic magazine!

Muskoka is in the top 10 of Canada’s most popular vacation destinations. Known for the endless natural beauty that provides the perfect backdrop for your escape. Here is just a small sample of some of the region’s activities. For even more ideas and information, visit and to learn about area events, suppliers and the charm that only Muskoka has to offer. Check out our blog for activities and seasonal specials.


The foods we eat, over a getaway can conjure up some of our most profound memories. Go beyond the kitchen at our cottage to explore the region’s culinary destinations & experiences.


Enjoy the best of four seasons in Muskoka and the joy of play. Play connect us, challenge us and give us chances to grow. So get out there, get playful and make the most of your vacation.


Striking landscapes, abundant wildlife and charming lakeside communities make Muskoka one of Ontario’s most cherished natural playgrounds. Get out and discover the region!

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Yummy Goodness

Apple fritters, chelsea buns, amazing butter tarts! Your taste buds will delight with so much goodness. Closest to the cottage, The Bakery in the town of Gravenhurst.


Celebrating a special occasion or wanting a cooking break while on vacation, reach out to us. We will provide you with a list of local chefs that will come to the cottage or caterers that drop off.


Spring and fall on a hike discovered amazing fungi in surprising shapes and colours! If you are skilled in mushroom foraging you will be delighted on what you can find. You can also attend events.



Craft Beer Scene

The region is known for its vibrant craft beer. Out the door of the cottage find so many options, including Sawdust City right in Gravenhurst.


Farmer’s Markets

Picking up fresh fruit, vegetables and local products to bring back to the cottage to share with family and friends is part of the Muskoka culture.

Find your inner artist in Muskoka staying at Muskoka Soul - Cliff Bay. There are events through the summer in Gravenhurst to participate in.


Muskoka Maple Trail

The most Canadian of culinary trails, features stops across Muskoka that have infused locally harvested maple syrup into their culinary offerings.



The kitchen at the cottage is fully equipped that will delight any chef. Local food options are plentiful. Shop locally, we will send you options.



Take to the Lakes

Cruise, Kayak or Canoe, choose and rent your watercraft. Take a tour with Sunset Cruises. Whatever you choose, get out on the waters on Lake Muskoka and the connecting lakes.


Discover Incredible Fishing

Get a license & go fish in Cliff Bay, its a popular spot…OR let a guide provide you with an enjoyable, educational and memorable day.


Routes & Mountain Biking

Did you know that Muskoka is a regular stop on the Ironman cycling circuits? Find out why as you cycle the region and experience the local routes.

Muskoka upcoming yoga retreats, cycling in muskoka on the womens; yoga and cycling retreat at Muskoka Soul on Lake Muskoka


Canadian bucket-list item

Mushing through the forest with North Ranch is a must do Muskoka experience on a winter getaway. Its a rush, especially after a fresh snow fall!


Muskoka features some of the Top Golf Courses in Canada

Muskoka Soul is in the heart of golf country with world class courses 8 and 15 minutes out the door.



Muskoka, the Ultimate Hiking Destination

Known a wide variety of hiking trails catering to all skill levels. Trail options just out the door.


Home of the first outdoor skating trail

Winter is a beautiful time in Muskoka. Muskoka boasts several outdoor rinks and skating trails.


Hidden Valley
Mount St. Louis Moonstone


Winter Carnival Line-Up

Winter carnivals give us a chance to enjoy the fun and excitement that winter has to offer. Theses annual events are full of activities. Check out the complete line-up.


Johnston’s Cranberry March & Muskoka Lakes Winery

Hike     –     Plunge     –     Skate     –     Snowshoe  Shop    –      Eat      –        Taste    –     Tour


The Torrance Barrens

Largest conservation area and dark sky reserve in North America spanning over 5,000 acres. It is a remarkable geological landscape within Muskoka.



Events & Festivals

There is always an event happening in Muskoka. Find festivals, concerts and theatre productions, live music, art exhibits, and more all year long.


the Pond

Original Pond Hockey Classic 

Three-day round robin tournament that takes hockey back to where it was born…”on the pond.” Teams take to the ice in beautiful Gravenhurst.