We love hosting retreat leader events and feel so grateful they choose Muskoka Soul as their destination. Many have been co-hosting with us for years. Read why in this blog , on bringing your wellness retreat to life at Muskoka Soul. If you are looking to attend a retreat. why not consider an upcoming retreat which are held in the spring, fall & winter.  You will find in these seasons  yoga/ wellness / creative / art / writing  / fitness / cycling 2-5 day programs on weekends and mid-week.

Over 15 wellness retreats are hosted at Muskoka Soul annually. Retreat leaders we work with are from all across Ontario. We would be happy to secure your spot! Securing your spot is easy, select the event you are interested in attending and send us an e-mail about event you wish to attend.

If you area a retreat leader, love to work with you. We believe in supporting our retreat leaders and do so in 3 ways to create buzz and promote your Brand.

  1. Co-Creating & posting events on our website
  2. Sharing events multiple times on our social media 3000+ combined followers
  3. Posting the event to Verity Women’s Club 850+ members club

We work collaboratively with our retreat hosts. Not only do we promo your retreat, we also secure your retreat attendee through our website. This service aligns to the Travel Industry Council of Ontario rules on who can take payment for accommodation for retreats.

Rates for retreat programs are set by you the retreat host and you designed the program, plan the food service and retreat offering. Use our sample itinerary to kick start your planning. To secure your spot for a retreat a deposit payment is required and payable through our Muskoka Soul management company Soul Management Group Inc. Retreat host further benefit beyond promotion of your retreat through making your attendee costs desirable and reasonable.

  • Decide on all retreat costs. Unlike Ontario Retreat locations you manage the food cost by creating the food for your retreat or booking catering through a local supplier.
  • Enjoy, privacy, you are the only guest group at the property and not sharing the property with other guests
  • Save more than $75/ person, as administration costs for your attendees to secure their accommodations are nominal and you decide on food cost and any services you wish to offer at the rate charged by the supplier you use, eg. RMT, Yoga Instructor, Boating Experience. When you booked with Muskoka Soul we e-Connect our retreat hosts and no Concierge or Property Manager fee applies.

Take a look at our blog where retreat leaders share their experience at Muskoka Soul and why retreating is an important part of the services they offer their clients.



yoga retreat and wellness retreat muskoka soul take you out to nature and beauty of the region
wellness retreat muskoka soul cliff bay Great Room is the perfect space for yoga and more
Oh yes dockside yoga retreatat Muskoka Soul extraordinary escapes is part of your wellness retreat

Ready to secure your retreat dates, lets talk & build business together!

Step 1: Secure your retreats dates through a booking contract & deposit payment (interact or credit card)

Step 2: We build a secure gSheet registration system to track participant registration.

Step 3: Create your retreat program & inform participants how they can register for your retreat.

Step 4: Share your retreat program so that we can post on our website and co-promo and e-connect interested participants.

Step 5: Have a successful & profitable retreat event. Book a second in a less than a 12 month period and benefit from a lower accommodation rate.


Case eg. Low Season 2-night accommodations at Cliff Bay  $1600 + 13%HST for maximum of 12 people

$160 | accommodation portion based on 10 participants

$20   | fee for Muskoka Soul to process interact payment, create & update gsheet to track registration


$180 + 13%HST | for participant to secure their retreat spot